The ultimate in temperature reading technology. The tru temp infrared thermometer is the most accurate IR reader at a fraction of the price.


Featuring a state of the art UI, the tru temp allows users to set an emissivity value custom tailored to the material which you are reading. Users also have the option to set the temperature at which the unit will illuminate its green LED, no annoying buzzer to deal with!


Measuring in at just 2.6" X 1" X 1.55" the tru temp unit is the perfect size for on the go. With USB-C charging users are able take hundreds of readings on a single charge. And just in case you forget to turn the unit off, the tru temp will automatically shut off after a period of inactivity.


In order to ensure that the temperature readings are accurate and consistent, each tru temp comes with an adjustable stand to place the unit at the perfect height.

Version two - Purple

  • Each order will ship with:

    • tru temp unit
    • USB - C charging cable
    • Adjustable height stand
  • All tru temp units will ship with 3-5 day shipping to the continental United States. We are working on international shipping and will shortly announce our plans.